Brad's Catastrophic Creations

I (unintentionally) make ugly baked goods that (usually) taste delicious.

It's For Charity

Each year, 12 million girls under the age of 18 (some as young as 5 or 6!) are married in arranged marriages by their families to men they do not love. This happens because these girls are seen as a financial burden to their families. I am interested in having an annual holiday fundraiser to help put a stop to this and allow the girls to gain back their rights to health, education, and opportunity.

This charity is called “Girls not Brides.” They partner with crowdfunding websites to connect individual donors with Girls Not Brides members working to end child marriage. To raise money, I want to make you a dessert, and raise money for “Girls not Brides.”

Order from the specific Tier and I will do my best to create a beautiful tasty masterpiece for you.

  • Tier I

    Brownies, cookies, or breads (like banana bread)


  • Tier II

    Specific types of pies and 2 layer 9 inch cakes.


  • Tier III

    3 layer cakes, fondant or sheet cakes, and other creations you may enjoy watching me bake.